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Comments on pdInput Linear 45

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Comments on pdInput Linear
« on: October 12, 2021, 06:24:09 pm »
As of October 2021, pdInput Linear is still in a malleable stage, yet it has an important mission to accomplish.

By opening the "pdInput series" of alternative computer input for the disabled (or simply for people who doesn't like to stress their fingers/hands with mechanical devices), this release sets the spirit of the pdInput series.

The first case to address being only vertical mobility of a finger (i.e. toe).

Goal being to translate the movements into either simulated key presses or mouse movements.

The algorithm itself is complete, the bottleneck has been video capture in its several methods. After much pondering we are going with avicap32.dll to support the older machines and have the widest reach.

OpenCV, Java or modern Win10 interfaces are still an option, yet the goal for this month is to have something that works for most Windows computers out there, then we can consider expanding.

...This is a good project that's going to be affecting people's lives quite positively. Both via mechanical input stress prevention AND by virtue of saving hard-earned resources by skipping the buying of special hardware for the disabled.

A good one to offer from our humble community & a great win for the world! :)