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Your support has the utmost positive impact regardless of amount 64

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Your support has the utmost positive impact regardless of amount
« on: October 13, 2021, 02:00:59 am »
When choosing service to others over self-service, everything adds-up.

Even if $1/mo rest assured it is a most-valuable contribution, it sends a clear signal: you appreciate this project, hence by means of this project being appreciated motivation is sustained to bring more of what we offer to life --with our unique twist and "gusto".

it also helps to support the coding hours needed for developing these releases, directly.

In my opinion, making a great living helping others is a call worth following... thriving by assisting others to thrive should be our collective call for an awesome world! :)

Rest assured anything and everything you contribute to the continuation of this public domain project has the utmost positive impact, even in time!

A single contribution can make all the difference. Let it be yours! Supporting those who are choosing to serve is as important as the provided service itself; we're powered by the love to assist each other here.